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Deborah Shaer Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist & Counsellor

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In working therapeutically with children and adolescents over the past seven years, I have come to see how their interior landscapes and outward behaviour provide important contexts in the therapeutic journey toward self-knowledge, healing and capacity for joy.

“We are a team of family mediators and we refer clients to Deborah when matters are complex and entrenched. Deborah has a beautiful way of working with people that is professional, skilful and healing. I would not hesitate to recommend her and the work that she does.”

Sara Collins
Family Mediator, Breathing Space Mediation

Child & Adolescent Therapist-Counsellor

Are you a parent or guardian of a child or teenager, concerned and baffled by emerging issues? It can be worrying and difficult to understand what’s really going on. And the underlying issue may be concealed. Any number of behaviours may arise, such as unmanageable anger and rage which become displaced. This can cause a sense of not being in control which exacerbates the dilemma. When profound isolation sets in, it can lead to depression and more serious long-term difficulties, especially when this young person is trying to bury their feelings. Being confronted by overwhelming and frightening feelings and stuck, is a challenging dilemma. And it is important for the wellbeing of a child or adolescent to be given a space to work through their problems. Sometimes a professional is needed and in cases of complex trauma this is crucial.

The right therapist can make an enormously positive difference long-term. And the quality of connection within the therapeutic relationship is key, in addition to the consistency of regular weekly sessions. In my experience, face-to-face or online sessions both, are equally effectively.

Every child and adolescent is unique, which is why I work in an integrative way, and the therapeutic work becomes a journey of discovery. Also, the dialogue tends to be greatly enriched through the use of the arts or play, psycho-education, CBT or Gestalt for example. My integrative approach helps to explore what is beneath the blocks and distress in a safe, containing space. And issues such as low self-esteem, anxiety and depression can be addressed through these potent mediations, which allows for this child or this adolescent to access their own inner resources and healing process that my therapy sessions offer.

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Therapy-Counselling Service

The therapist's attunement in the therapeutic relationship is key. And by this means, the ups and downs, the confusion and anger or depression and anxiety is able to pour out in a safe space.

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Therapy in mediation cases

The potential for repair becomes far greater when the child who is struggling to come to terms with the parental breakdown is given a space to work through their pain in the therapy sessions.

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