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Deborah Shaer Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist & Counsellor

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Hello, I'm Deborah. I'm a fully accredited Integrative Child Psychotherapist and Psychotherapeutic Counsellor for Adolescents and Young Adults. I work with children, teens, young adults, parents, all cultures, religions and genders.

My Journey To Becoming A Therapist

As a child I was a good listener and intuitive and fascinated by what lay beneath the surface of people's thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Even at a young age I felt that someday I would like to help children. I believe this partially came about through my own struggles, which included my experiences of psychological abuse from primary school teachers. I know what it's like to have difficult childhood experiences and still be affected by them in adulthood. When I was a child I didn’t have the opportunity to go into therapy.

I moved from London to Los Angeles as a young adult and worked in the music and film industry. After fulfilling that dream it didn't fit anymore. I did a lot of travel, living in international communities and learning first-hand about other cultures. I started my training when I felt ready. It was rigorous and immensely valuable.

My personal challenges have helped me relate on a deeper level with my clients. know that good therapy works and I believe it is most effective for children and young people while they’re in the process of developing. It is truly a joy to witness the courage of a child or young person who opens up to the therapeutic journey. Effective therapy carries the fruits of life-long benefits which I feel is a priceless gift.

Helping People Is A Gift To Others But Also To Myself

The most rewarding thing about being a psychotherapist and counsellor is inspiring others to be all they can be. I love guiding people towards positive changes and watching them transform their lives.

I Have Empathy For Others And Bring Warmth And Understanding To the Sessions

I have a natural ability to:

  • help people identify what they are feeling
  • uncover what’s beneath the surface
  • help children to heal their wounds and manage the present.

People who know me often say that I am a good listener who can help people feel heard and understood.

Our Sessions Are Focused On The Client

The therapy sessions provide a non-judgmental space, whether virtual or face2face, to explore thoughts, feelings, and goals. This is a space where a person can be themselves in a space where I create safety. By feeling safe and comfortable, they are able to relax and be receptive. This helps them to gain clarity, feel more connected and increase their level of awareness.

There isn't a "one size fits all" approach. Our sessions will fit the individual’s specific needs and concerns.

As a Psychotherapist and Counsellor I Embrace The Following Philosophies:

  • I believe that transformation can happen when you ask for help.
  • I believe that emotions heal when they are witnessed and validated.
  • I believe that therapy is most effective when a person is seen as a whole, when it embraces their mind, body, and spirit.
  • I believe that people underestimate their ability to change. It's possible to change. It's possible to enjoy life again.

My Professional Background

I received a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Creative Writing at the Open University. These modules included Religion and Culture which has helped me enormously in working with diverse client groups. I received a Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Specialising in Adolescents at the Institute for Arts in Therapy & Education (IATE) in London. Afterwards, I received a Master’s in Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education in London. I am a fully accredited member of UKCP. My professional background includes working in schools and CAMHS NHS Trusts, alongside working in my private practice. I started my practice in 2018.

I am also an author of a book called Hindi Handwriting: An Effective Way to Learn (Austin Macauley Publishers). I write about dyslexia, the brain, culture and mindfulness as well as learning how to write Hindi.

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