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Deborah Shaer Child & Adolescent Therapist - Counsellor

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Professional Qualifications

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  • B.A. in Humanities (Hons) with Creative Writing, the Open University
  • Diploma, Psychotherapeutic Counselling with Adolescents; the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education (IATE), London. Graduated 2015
  • M.A. in Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy; the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education (CCPE), Transpersonal and Integrative, London. Graduated 2018.
  • Diploma in Sandplay Studies; the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education (CCPE), London. Graduated 2018.

Therapeutic-counselling and the Arts

Deborah’s own art practice also helps her to gain important insights into the work with her young clients. By engaging in art, mainly painting, her capacity to intuit the metaphors and symbolic representations of her clients’ art as well as play, is one aspect that becomes accessible within the areas of exploration. In her experience, when a child or adolescent client is open to using the arts, it enriches, informs and accelerates the healing process.

Talking therapy and counselling

Working with adolescents enters into a different terrain compared with younger children. And any ambivalence about using the arts may be passed over in favour of dialogue exclusively. The therapeutic dialogue often lead to more openness as far as being receptive to psycho-education or CBT and this tends to ease into the dialogue naturally. Deborah’s training, experience and skill in these areas are central to her expertise.

Group facilitations in Mindfulness and Meditation

Deborah has for many years facilitated groups which began in Zimbabwe in a rural area with a focus on self-empowerment. Additionally, her study and practice in meditation in India spanning a period of ten years, travelling back and forth from London, laid the foundation for these facilitations. She teaches meditation, mindfulness, yogic breath which help to soothe the nerves in stressful situations.

She has also cultivated a deeper understanding of energy over the years in a Transpersonal context. A way of looking at the Transpersonal, which goes beyond the individual, is to look at one’s self and others from a universal and spiritual level which centres on the soul. Or, in other words, the essence or being which is the true Self. This area of her therapeutic work will depend upon the individuals and whether they are open to such explorations.

Deborah introduced mindfulness in the schools where she was working as a school therapeutic counsellor and facilitated mindfulness groups for adolescents who were experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety which was affecting their school work, capacity to absorb learning and paralysing fear around exams. All of these things which can become debilitating were addressed in the group work and the school data showed significant improvement as far as the students’ ability to self-regulate through mindfulness and breathing techniques.

Aside from working with students, Deborah’s experiences also crosses over into facilitating mindfulness groups including the therapeutic use of the arts for teachers in a school setting.

In private practice, Deborah has expanded into the area of therapy and counselling through solicitor referrals in divorce cases.

Additional information

  • Fully accredited member of UKCP linked with the diploma
  • Regular attendance with a clinical supervisor
  • Current Enhanced DBS

Painting by J. R. Korpa, courtesy of Unsplash.

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